The show

Watched at 4 July, I hope I can go today too. No long waiting time and dynamic performance from the Korean Idol stars. I'd like to buy this ticket again at here.

Reviewed by Xive
So pleasure to have this program!

We used 4th July program. From the station, I easily arrived at the studio on foot about 10 min. There is a staff with blue vest and he helped us. I communicated him with English and there was no problem. Our seat was at second floor and it was so good because the seats are not standing area but chairs there. I strongly recommend this program to you!

Reviewed by anamia9202
Whole new experience

I went to the tour alone. The gathering spot easily recognized. The staff was not affluent with other languages but no complicated or difficult language needed so it's fine. I was worried if the stage is too far. However I was able to see the stage very clearly even at my seat. And also, the MC stage is at second floor so MC were very close to me. At this time, my favorite group was not there so I want to visit here again next time when my favorite group is on stage.

Reviewed by olande

The seats in the second floor is closer to the stage than I thought. Really great to experience this program!

Reviewed by niko
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