Baynaru’s primary objective is to help travelers who plan to visit South Korea to discover and book in-destination services at the most competitive prices. Baynaru is your ultimate travel aid, developed specifically for decerning travelers who wants to make the most out of their trip.


  1. How can I change my account information?

    Login and go to My Menu to change your information.

  2. How do I delete my account?

    Login and go to My Page > Modify Account to delete your account.

  3. Can I recreate my account after deactivating it?

    You can re-register but you will not be able to use your old ID and email address.

  4. If I delete my account, will my reviews be deleted too?

    No, your reviews will still remain on BAYNARU even after you delete your account.

  5. Can I purchase on BAYNARU without creating an account?

    Yes. Click "Add to Cart" or “Buy” on the page for the product you are interested in. However, non-members cannot use the Wish List or leave reviews on BAYNARU.