Baynaru’s primary objective is to help travelers who plan to visit South Korea to discover and book in-destination services at the most competitive prices. Baynaru is your ultimate travel aid, developed specifically for decerning travelers who wants to make the most out of their trip.


  1. Why join BAYNARU?  

    By joining BAYNARU, you can instantly enjoy member-only savings and benefits.  Plus, you can throw all interesting attractions and activities under Wish List, and review again when you are less busy.  Don’t forget to leave review on the items you purchase.  We pick and reward the reviews we like.  Lastly, only members can introduce BAYNARU to their friends and earn points.  Why hesitate?

  2. I purchased an item as a non-member. Where can I check the order number?

    Once you have made a payment on BAYNARU, you will receive a confirmation email containing your order information.  You can also check your orders in My Order using your email address or Order number

  3. Can I leave reviews if I am not a member?

    No. This function is only available to BAYNARU members.