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BnBHero is an alternative accommodation platform in Korea providing international travelers a unique opportunity to experience “Real Korean” culture and lifestyle through various types of accommodation & tour services.

From authentic hanok experiences to luxury high rises with stunning views of Seoul’s highline, BnBHero’s inventory is competitively priced at a lower price point, providing travelers with the opportunity to save more on accommodation and spend more on creating memories. (and souvenirs!)

A 24-7 customer service support line ensures that any emergency big or small is handled effectively by our multilingual staff! You can receive 30% discount commission rate of BnBHero rooms.


Terms & Conditions


  1. Enter a promo code “Mastercard17” on BnB Hero website and receive 30% savings on commission rate
  2. Offer is not valid for reservations on partner channels (booking.com) or tours & activities
  3. No duplicate voucher or offer will be entertained
  4. Offer valid until March 31, 2020




Offers good local accommodations

BnB offers a nice array of local accommodations to choose from. I personally don't like name brand hotels :) Thanks!

Reviewed by Taejoon.han
Very clean and cozy

I stayed for 3 nights, the host was extremely friendly and really enjoy the room, its very clean, neat, and the korean style room is super cool. I would recommend my friends to come here if they are travelling to seoul :)!

Reviewed by a0956199736
Cozy room with Korean traditional style

I stayed for two days during my trip in Seoul. The staff was so kind, and the room was so clean. The Korean style's room was really impressive, which was cozy and comfortable.

Reviewed by wldlfwn0408